Advert types and placement

We have 2 styles of advert: Banner

and  Square

Main Header Adverts

These are the adverts at the top of the page, located next to our BurtonTV Logo.

These adverts are on a rolling marquee, which rolls on every 7 seconds.

These adverts are visible across the entire website whatever page the viewers are looking at. As such, these are our prime spots.


6 main header adverts x £150 each


Front page


This contains 2 banner style marquees above and below the videos, plus also a square style marquee in the side bar.
Obviously, this is our most visited page.

2 marquees of 10 bar ads x £100 each
1 marquee of 10 square ads x £80 each


What’s on Ads


As our second most visited page, and most specialised, we have more adverts here available for live music, charity and community events. Need to sell a few more tickets? Or do you need volunteers for the cat show?


(Ssssh.., I didn’t tell you this but you can purchase these adverts by the week)


3 marquees of 10 bar ads x £100
4 marquees of 10 square ads x £80


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